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Dr Ryan is 1643.3 miles from where I live so difficult to make weekly appt. however, if you live in his region and you want to experience great healing, he is among the BEST!


Dr. Ryan literally saved my life.  We first met when he was a guest speaker in one of my college classes.  I was on a dozen medications, had no energy, was depressed, had pain all of the time and was so discouraged with life.  Dr. Ryan took the time to teach me how to clean out my body, fuel it properly, exercise and rebuild my structure through chiropractic.  Today I am off all of my medications, feel better than when I was a teenager, have returned to school for advanced degrees and am living the life of my dreams.  Thank you Dr. Ryan for believing in me and teaching me that I could take control of my destiny.

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Dr. Ryan J Mayeda DC RD · 4689 West 20th St Suite C-2
Greeley · CO 80634

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