Back to School! Stress Reliever or Stress Producer..?

It’s August already! That means the kids are headed back to school. Depending on your lifestyle, this can mean stress will start to go down or increase if you have a busy family! Sports, extra-curricular activites, parent-teacher conferences, and performaces on top of everything else going on in life can be stressful. Even if you are not affected by "Back To School" stress, all stress impacts your health. Too much of it can have damaging effects:

  • ADRENALS churn out hormones, such as cortisol, which raise blood pressure and blood sugar (among other things) that can be harmful if sustained too long

  • INCREASED RISK for heart attack, stroke, and frequent illness 

  • MEMORY can be effected by lessening your ability to retrieve memories or make new ones

  • BLOOD SUGAR & PRESSURE increases with stress and can have long term effects if they spike too often

  • DIGESTION can be effected by increasing or causes diarrhea, stomach cramping, or heart burn

  • SKIN tends to break out with acne or psoriasis with continuous stress

  • RELATIONSHIPS may be effected due to lack of hormone control, mood swings, and irritiability caused by stress

So, if you are in any situation that is causing continual stress, take some time to relax and breathe! Here are some tips to de-stress:

  • Listen to good music! Tunes that improve your mood and make you relax (may hold off on the heavy metal when you’re stressed

  • Pay attention to your posture! This improves your well being and health. Be sure to get adjusted consistently as well to help with this!

  • Get a plant. Taking care of something like a plant can be rewarding and calming.

  • Try Yoga! Yoga helps you meditate, relax, stretch, and help you develop an inner peace. Get the whole family involved!

  • Hang out with good company. Be with people that encourage you, help you, and generally make you feel good.

  • Get up and GO! Exercise releases endorphins that help you feel good and recover from stress.

  • Sleep it off. That’s right, stress can interfere with sleep, so take some time to turn off your mind and focus on getting good, quality sleep.

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