Fit, Trim, & Jolly!

One of the main concerns around the holiday season is fitness and not gaining weight with all the delicious food and treats that come along with the holidays. If you are hoping to maintain your fitness routine or get into shape before the holidays hit, here are some tips to be fit, trim, and jolly!

It’s not about the day of the holiday – it’s the season!

Yes, it is okay to splurge a little one day and eat a little extra or enjoy that extra slice of pie. It’s the holiday season (the days in between holidays), Christmas especially, when cookies, fudge, and other treats pop up from friends or in the office. It’s the choices you make on a daily basis consistently that will bring your body towards better health and wellness. Choose less sugar, plenty of water, outdoor time, and to be sedentary as little as possible. Also remember to enjoy the season as it is – joyful and celebratory. Enjoy the season, not just the day!

Choose your favorite treats to avoid eating just because.

Choose 2-3 of your favorite treats and commit to sticking to those this season. If you choose to do more, be conscience of portions and try to maintain self control. Commit to just one cookie or only eating treats a couple times each week during the holiday season. Setting a goal like this will remind you as that plate of cookies arrives at work or your neighbor drops off a goodie basket. 

Don’t get caught up on perfection!

If you stray from your workout routine or diet, don’t fret and throw in the towel. Challenge yourself! Set goals, use check lists, whatever works for you. Commit to exerting yourself at least 10 minutes a day and add more as time allows. 

Focus on the positive!

This season can be easy to get caught up in the negative mind set. Focus on what you can do and not what you can’t do. Even if your busy and can’t fit in a full workout, focus on what you can do. You can take 10 minutes for a quick jog or do 10 push ups while dinner is cooking. Ask yourself, "Do I really have to _________?" Fill in the blank. Do you really have to host Christmas this year or do you really have to send Christmas cards to everyone in my address book? You have a lot of choices, make them and choose healthy decisions for you and your family!

Be creative with staying active.

The chilly weather and delicious food and those traditional Hallmark movies make it easy to stay in and sedentary. Be creative with ways to stay active. Include your family by trying a football game together outside or going for a walk. Throw in some fun ice breakers for new family members or try some fun conversation topics or games. As the holiday business starts to creep in, try choosing 5 of your favorite exercises and do each one for 30 seconds as time allows. 

Aim for healthier dishes and meals.

Leading up to Christmas and New Years, try to focus on whole foods and clean eating. If you are making food for the holiday, avoid sugar on your vegetables and shoot for nutritious and delicious dishes! Limit sugar, increase vegetable intake and be sure to stay hydrated. Keep healthy snacks on hand like carrots and hummus, apple slices and almond butter, and hard boiled eggs. 

‘Tis the season!