How Big Is Your But?


There are some essential elements to living a healthy life and making your years the best they can be. When these things become habits, the results include higher energy, clearer thinking, overall increase in body function (seen and unseen), healthy weight, less visits to the doctor, overall positive outlook and the desire to learn more about your own body and how it is designed to function optimally.

-Eating Clean – Proper Nutrition

-Exercise – Cardio & Weight Bearing

-Chiropractic Care – Routine Adjustments for Brain/Body Communication

-Mental Health – Meditation, Quiet Time & Fun (Stress Management)

-Reduced Toxicity – Identify & Eliminate Toxins

-Knowledge – Find Reliable Information

Often, we hear people say, ‘But I don’t care about nutrition’, ‘But I don’t want to exercise’, ‘But I don’t want the expense of regular chiropractic care’, ‘But I don’t have time for meditation and quiet time or even time to schedule and enjoy doing something fun.’  ‘But I have no time for learning about reducing and eliminating toxins and learning about the body and how to keep it healthy!’

These are all excuses – the Big But.  And the same people who use excuses regularly eventually end up having serious health issues that may not show symptoms for years, but that seem to come up suddenly, causing surprise and anxiety and costing a fortune in the long run. Which excuses do you use?

The true keys to living a life that offers energy to yourself and to others is knowledge and prevention. It’s never too late to begin, and each step taken in the right direction has a positive impact!

What kind of life do you want? What kind of habits do you want to teach your children? Who are the people in your life you want to have a positive influence on?

Now is the time to take control of your overall health. Now is the time to find your reason why. Now is the time to make changes. Now is the time to quit using excuses, no ifs, ands, or buts!