Immune Support For The Flu Season

The Flu Shot?

It seems that every time the flu season rolls around the flu shot keeps getting pushed more and more. But, why is this really? The shot is only for one specific strain of influenza which the medical community essentially guesses will be the most prevalent one, and more often than not they guess the wrong strain. Not only that, but even though the number of flu shots administered rise each year, the number of flu cases still fluctuate which indicates that the two are not related at all. The 2017-2018 flu season had the highest number of flu shots distributed than any previous year and had the highest number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths (according to data from the CDC) which again indicates the ineffectiveness of the flu shot.

Immune Support with Essential Oils

The immune system is your bodies defense system to fight foreign enemies, and the stronger it is the more it will be able to handle. Strengthening your immune system will help your body fight off disease and keep you healthy. A strong immune system will be able to handle disease in general and not just a specific strain of a certain disease. One way to help strengthen and support your immune system is to take essential oils. Below is a list of essential oils that will help fight disease and strengthen your immune system:

Cinnamon: Helps maintain immune system and can clean air when diffused

Clove: Antifungal and antiviral properties

Rosemary: Helps keep the air clean when diffused

Eucalyptus: Can fight viruses and reduce fevers

Peppermint: Can help clear sinuses and throat

Tea tree: Helps with infections and bad bacteria

Citrus oils: Helps fight bad bacteria and clean the air

DoTerra’s OnGuard essential oil is great to use for the flu season as it has Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and others. OnGuard is on sale this month so pick some up on your next visit.