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About Dr. Ryan

Who we are

We are real people who are traveling our own journey of health and wellness. Along the way we have learned to eat, cook, shop, garden, exercise, clean… a little differently to maximize the health of ourselves and our kids. We are passionate about equipping people with the tools and the knowledge that they need to succeed on their own HEALTH TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY! “Everyday is a journey that we each must choose to travel. No one can travel it for you. It is an adventure that is meant only for YOU!”

Dr. Ryan J Mayeda DC RD

Photo of Dr. Ryan J Mayeda DC RD with kids

Founder, Chiropractor, Dietitian, Coach

Dr. Ryan is on a personal health journey of a lifetime. Along the way he works to motivate, inspire and educate people to write their own health transformation story. Dr. Ryan is a father and lifelong student. He is a chiropractor, nutritionist, trainer, grass fed beef-eater. Ironman, marathoner, vegetable garden grower, he is a sugar free, fluoride free, additive free snacker. On his own adventure to 100+ years STRONG!!!  His desire is to take as many people along on the ride as possible. Teaching the components to a strong…healthy…happy life.

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Dr. Ryan J Mayeda DC RD · 4689 West 20th St Suite C-2
Greeley · CO 80634

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