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Lower Back Pain Exercise

Lower back pain is about as common as the common cold, with estimates that 80% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their life. When most people have back pain, they like to use ice packs, heat packs, and sometimes creams which can help, but oftentimes these are used to treat the symptom of pain, not the underlying cause of the pain. This pain can have many different causes ranging from injury and inflammation to poor posture and sitting in a chair all day.

If the pain is acute, meaning there was a specific incident that caused the pain, then the solution could also be acute, like a single chiropractic adjustment. If the pain is chronic then the solution will have to take a longer time as well, like a series of adjustments and/or an exercise plan. These both treat the cause of the pain so that the pain doesn’t come back and you are left healthier than before.

Exercise is important for helping your backstay in alignment and treating the cause of the pain, but it needs to be the right exercise. Strengthening areas that need to be strengthened and stretching areas that need more flexibility. Stretching the lower back usually is not necessary and could contribute to low back pain, this is an area that would need to be strengthened in most cases, whereas the hip flexors (muscles on the front of your hip) usually need to be stretched since they can be tight from sitting down all day. Tight hip flexors and other areas around the problem area can contribute to the pain and sometimes fixing them fixes your back.

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Kneeling Hip Flexor Exercise

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