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Fall is a beautiful season that embraces change, beauty, and transformation. The weather begins to cool down, school is in full swing, spirits are refreshed, and it feels like the perfect time to connect with our family. Getting exercise outdoors may be more appealing with the cool weather. The beautiful colors create great inspiration for family crafts. A new season of produce ripens and opens the door for delicious fall recipes. Local sports and fall festivals may be appealing as the season changes. Here are some fall family activities that will promote your health and wellbeing!

Create Fall Decor from Nature:

Grab the kiddos or set up a unique date night to go hunting in nature for fall decor. Gather leaves, sticks, gourds, small pumpkins, or dried corn and create centerpieces, wreaths, and more!

Try a New Recipe with Fall Produce:

Have you ever tried butternut squash, spaghetti squash, or fresh apples? Head to the farmers market and gather in-season produce and try Butternut squash Soup, a Spaghetti Squash recipePumpkin Spice Waffles, or Homemade Applesauce.

Pick a Pumpkin!

Find a local pumpkin patch and let your kids have fun choosing the most perfect, cute, or unique pumpkin in the patch. Take it home and carve it later for Halloween or bake it and use fresh pumpkin in recipes.

Take a Hike:

Hiking is beautiful and fun in the crisp, fall air. Colorado is known for the beautiful scenery in the fall and the cooler weather will make the hike more enjoyable. Click here for kid-friendly hikes in Northern Colorado.

Try A Fall Craft:

Be creative and try a craft with the family! Check this out for ideas.

There are many more activities you could do to embrace the season! Have fun and enjoy the outdoors before the snow starts falling.

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